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The future of our Hospital - meeting 24th Jan 2023

As both a trustee of Bridlington Health Forum and a public governor for York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust, I have unique insight into the work going on to secure the long-term plans and prosperity of our brilliant but vastly underutilised district hospital. 

There is a unique opportunity:

24th of January 1 pm

Bridlington North Library 

Come and hear the health forum priorities, plans and ideas for what we're trying to achieve. Have your say on what matters to you. Martin Barkley, York Trust's new chairman has accepted the invitation to join us. He is keen to hear your thoughts. Martin will take your questions and share his findings.

As a resident born in Bridlington District Hospital, I have aspirations for it to thrive. We have a modern estate with enormous potential, currently underutilised for its intended purpose - serving the areas of remote coastal communities.

On a personal note, as a resident (not as a councillor, governor or trustee). I would like to see the following in Bridlington District Hospital:

  • Palliative care (so loved ones can be close to home if not in it)

  • More consultants lead outpatient clinics (removing the need to go to Malton e.g. when you have issues with your eyes, skin or bladder)

  • Frailty services

  • 24/7 Urgent treatment centre (with extra resources in summer months due to population swell)

  • Increase in diagnostic testing capability and capacity

  • Growth of the award-winning surgical teams

Long-term thinking, supported by a robust coproduced plan and strategy delivered through clear milestones, timescales and outcomes is long overdue.

Bridlinton District Hospital Potential use

It is a fantastic time to get involved and have your say. The Trust is currently undertaking the vital task of setting out its strategy for the years to come.

Rebalancing NHS investment towards Bridlington Hospital to restore local care, and develop our healthcare services, will give security and support recruitment for those considering NHS careers and a vocation in local healthcare.

I hope you will add your voice and show your support to the Bridlington Health Forum on the 24th. I am excited to see our joint efforts secure a brighter future for the health services in our beautiful town.

See you soon,

Maria Bowtell

''Sow you seed in the morning, and at evening let your hands not be idol, for you do not know which will succeed, whether this or that, or whether both will do equally well.''

Ecclesiastes 11:6 NIV

Governors of Bridlington District Hospital

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28 mai

Great your response to the 'not so nice comment ' on Social Media on your visit to Hornsea. He probably will not know that the Torie candidate did not live in the area! Collecting my wood for my next project from Woods in Hornsea the 'young' 20 year old did not know that the boundary changes had happened and the Graham Stuart will no longer be their MP, that they have know all their life, will be NOT Sir Greg Knight but a guy who lives in London! Push your local agenda out but remember Hornsea have to use HRI. I was directed from my Brid optician to go to Scarborough for a test1. Cancelled and unfortunately got a corr…

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