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We did it! Thank you

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Thank you! to everyone who voted, not just for me, but for anyone putting in the effort to enable our democracy to work. You have indicated your faith in me with your votes, and I plan to honour that choice made by the 23%.

Maria Ibbotson at polling station 2023

With your votes, you chose to trust me, as a Ward Councillor for Bridlington Central and Old Town. You have all encouraged and blessed me with an important role, to be your voice. Not to be served but to serve.

It was a hard-fought campaign with many more ups than downs, and walking the streets and lanes within the Bridlington and surrounding villages has been invaluable.

Getting to know you as residents has been my favourite part. I will continue to get out and meet you all, whether on a dog walk, social event, parish or town council meeting or bumping trollies in the supermarket!

I will continue to thank personally all those who helped canvass, cooked for me, told me to rest and reminded me to pray and trust in God and his plan for my life.

Thank you! Again, I cannot thank you enough for the position I now find myself in. I hope to bring a 'sparkle' and influence to meetings enabling restoration, protection, improvements, growth and many of God's intended blessings throughout the East Riding of Yorkshire.

An oath of office is this week! I will declare all my potential conflicts of interest, and get some IT equipment, an official email address and other bits and bobs. It will be a steep, valuable and exciting learning curve. My thirst for knowledge to empower us will sustain me in this transition to becoming the best councillor for you I can be.

I will write separate blog posts about the campaign and my priorities of God, Family and Others. So keep your eyes out if you want to know more about me. With this Blog, I hope to provide you with transparency and updates on exciting news heading our way in the East Riding.

Please continue to pray for all those entrusted with this honour. Thank you to my church family, who have supported and encouraged me on this path.

God's blessings to you all.


Cllr Maria Bowtell

Bridlington Central and Old Town Ward

Previously known as: Councillor Ibbotson

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Ian Cutler
Ian Cutler
Apr 02

Hopefully the draft contract will come to fruition, 100 days to change much. To inject enthusiasm in this country's future is paramount before it's lost completely to these strangers invading us in huge numbers.


Unknown member
May 07, 2023

I am so proud of you. I am honoured to of shared some of the journey with you. Good luck in all your future council endeavours

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