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Maria Bowtell - Devolution Thoughts & Myth Busting

The third-party-run consultation period is now live! Residents can share their thoughts on the potential East Riding of Yorkshire and Hull City Council's Mayoral Authority Devolution Deal.

social media typing opinions as facts

I've felt compelled to share my thoughts on the consultation due to much cynicism and false info seen on social media comments. As an informed member of the elected council who voted, 50 For and 1 Against, to put this deal out to residents (because it's what we collectively and cross-party believe to be in residents' best interests. Not some 'Tory Con' or at the benefit of some 'Boys club')

Some other social media comments write; ''done deal'' and ''it's just a tick-box consultation''. I want to clarify. It is a third party conducting the impartial consultation. The majority of your councillors agree and want this deal to go ahead. Therefore, we are sharing the consultation with our positive opinion, well, because we are positive about it. I desire that residents take the time to understand, ask questions and then complete the consultation from an informed position.

I do believe we will miss out if we do not devolve. The money and investment will keep going to the areas with mayors already devolved otherwise! I am keen to get as many informed, unbiased responses to the consultation on a mayoral authority solution as possible in the time we have. I want your response to be genuinely based on your opinion of the actual deal and reality, and not based on social media experts' commentary.

Councillor Bowtell at Full Council for ERYC

In response to the comments (trying not to take them personally) about ''all councillors being corrupt''. This deal has been a topic of meetings since May. For anyone who wants to question integrity, I would ask you to watch our meetings and make up your mind with the evidence in the public domain. There are very few meetings that are not publicly available.

Please vote at every opportunity. Vote for candidates you want to represent you and use your democratic right to vote for people you trust to be informed and make decisions for you. There is also the option, could you stand to be a councillor yourself? (let me know if this interests you!)

Speaking of democratic rights and those frustrated about the lack of a referendum process. Elected councillors representing you voted not to go to the referendum, costing you over half a million of your council tax money. Uninformed comments seem to think funding the new mayoral authority comes from council tax; this is also incorrect as it is from central government. A great point about a mayoral authority is that you get to vote on who your Mayor will be, making them accountable to you.

We don't know who our Mayor would be. I will be backing local and passionate candidates. I hope for someone who oozes the Nolan Principles. A Mayor who can deliver ambitious growth plans strategically across East Yorkshire. All being well, I will support whomever they may be to spend all this extra funding wisely and fairly. I will be disappointed if the majority who complete the consultation prefer to let Westminster continue to choose who, where and when to spend money they've taken from the hardworking residents of East Yorkshire.

Councillor Bowtell from East Yorkshire on tractor

A Mayoral Combined Authority Devolution brings more money and decision-making back into local hands. That is why I am unashamedly in support of it.

Please read the document and the questions before making up your mind and sharing your thoughts. Links below:

Thank you for reading. Contact me with your thoughts and questions via email at any time.

Many blessings,

Maria Bowtell

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