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Why has Maria Bowtell Defected to Reform UK?

Councillor Maria Bowtell Speaks to resident in Bridlington Harbour about the general election

Today I have informed the East Riding Council and the Leader that I will no longer be a councillor under the Conservative group.

From 1st March 2024, I will be a Reform UK councillor for Bridlington Central and Old Town. I am also excited to announce I am the Parlimenarty Candidate for Bridlington and the Wolds in the next general election for Reform UK.

I want to reassure those I currently represent, that I still represent you and have the same goals and beliefs as I did when I was elected. As a Reform UK councillor, I will have the freedom to vote as I please. You will continue to have my best efforts as a ward councillor for Bridlington, Bempton, Buckton, Boynton and Grindale.

Anyone who knows me knows of my passion for improving access to and provision of health care services. The Hospital has always been close to my heart (I was born in it). It's with this in mind, along with many other national issues, which I do not feel either of the main two parties have a grip on, that has driven me to look for the alternative.

After reviewing the Reform UK Draft Contract and speaking to those closest to me and some Reform UK members, it feels right to step up and become the genuine alternative choice for Bridlington and the Wolds in the next general election.

We need levelling up, in healthcare, economics and transport, to name a few. I will fight hard for our area like no other.

It would be an honour and privilege to represent Bridlington, Hornsea, Driffield and all our stunning villages in Westminster. I love East Yorkshire and I will do anything for it.

It is going to be an exciting year. I hope you join me to protect and enhance East Yorkshire for all generations.

Peace be with you and all those you love,

Maria Bowtell

Reform UK Parlimantary Candidate for Bridlington and the Wolds

portrait of Councillor Bowtell on Bridlington Harbour
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